Arctic Circle

Hraunhafnartangi is the northernmost point of the Iceland, at 66°32’03″N just 3 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. To get there is not easy We had to take an ashphalt road to the end of long peninsula, and from there drive out along a long, rocky, Defender-worthy breakwater to the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula.   This track was ideal territory for the Defender, which simply crawled along the rock in 4WD low.   Upon arrival at the lighthouse we toasted the achievement with some Flor De Cana 12 year old.

Toasting our northern most point with a glass of 12 yr. old.
Maurice and I at the lighthouse
Defender returning from Hraunhafnartangi

From there we went looking for some waterfalls and found them in spades, including the largest waterfall in Europe. The next stage of our trip also came with some challenging weather, which required some alterations in our plans.

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