This is the story of a 1995 Land Rover Defender 110 I purchased during a posting to Ghana.  It will be of interest to those interested in Land Rovers and overland expeditions, as well as anyone interested in contemporary West Africa and Iceland.  

A note on navigating the site.   The West Africa link in the menu in the upper right  hand corner  or right-hand column of each page will take you to the  60+ posts that cover the full gamut of the planning, purchase, restoration, and outfitting of the vehicle and culminates with the story of a one-month expedition through Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.   

The Iceland link  found in the same place  covers a 6 week trip I took to Iceland in the Defender the summer of 2018.  In both categories the most recent posts appear first, so scrolling down in any category will bring you to earlier time points and related posts.    The Archives provide direct historical monthly date links, and the search box allows one to look for places, subjects or stages in the project, from planning through, restoration,  outfitting, etc.  

For the past few years the Defender  has been in Ottawa, Canada, where I have had some adventures and misadventures around the Ottawa Valley with Ottawa Valley Land Rover Club (OVLR) .  I have not yet included any blogs about that, but certainly should.