Getting the Goods

After more than two months the outfitting hardware we had shipped from South Africa in March finally arrived in Accra in June.  There were two risks that could have prevented us from getting out on the road for our planned mid-June departure.  One was getting ownership and registration  transferred legally; the other was getting the outfitting gear in time to install it.   Both happened the same week,  and both took much longer than they should have.  The shipment is here only two weeks before our planned departure.









The glass is half full and it is possible to see this dream coming true.   We now have a good set of Defender overland gear:  a rooftop tent,  a cargo bay storage system,  jerry cans with mounting brackets, running and working lights, a solar power system, a deep cell accessory battery, a security box and various other miscellaneous items.     The problem is the timing.  We have one week to install all this stuff, and that is not going to be easy.

Francis and I raise a glass of Pro Seco to celebrate the arrival of the shipment
Examining the jerry can mounts with blue jerry cans and partially erected tent in foreground